How to Can and Preserve Food

Preserving food is an essential survival skill. Even if you’ve got an extensive stockpile of food to take care of your family in an emergency, that food will eventually run out. Before it does, you will need to be thinking about what you are going to do to keep feeding your family, especially in a long-term survival situation.

How Do The Homeless Survive?

One of the ways homeless people survive is by knowing where to find available resources, not only in their city, but in cities they never visited. Learn More.

Making the Shoot/No-shoot Decision

Part of the reason why I carry is that we live along the border, in an area with a lot of drug trafficking. A former neighbor, who thankfully is no longer there, was apparently a drug trafficker. We lived in real danger of gang warfare breaking out right in front of our home. My wife wanted me carrying, so that in such a case, we had the ability to defend ourselves.

Functioning During a Breakdown of Society

There are many disaster scenarios which are thought to have the potential to cause a general breakdown in society. People have proposed everything from food shortages to an EMP attack, with a financial collapse somewhere in between. But depending on how you define it, experiencing an actual breakdown in society is both rarer and more common that we think.

Scavenging in a Post-Disaster World

What if the stockpile you have isn’t enough to meet your needs? Is it okay to turn to scavenging, in order to find what you need in order to survive?