Where To Buy Emergency Kits?

Online at practicalemergencykits.com

Where can you buy emergency kits? At practicalemergencykits.com, that’s where. We specialize in one person, two person and four person emergency kits for individuals, couples, and families. Whether your at home or on the road, our emergency kits have everything you need to survive your next encounter with disaster.

Our emergency kits meet FEMA’s recommendations of 1 gallon of water per person per day. They also have enough food, shelter and survival gear to ensure your adequately prepared for hazards like, earthquakes, tornados and power outages.

You also have the option of adding our delicious emergency food to your kits.  This will boost your food supply beyond the three-day government recommendation. The freeze-dried food lasts up to 30 years and is ready under 10 minutes. Our recommendation is to store one month’s worth of food.  This ensures you’re not caught unprepared and gives you some breathing room during any emergency response.  Mountain house foods are lightweight and can be stored anywhere inside your home or added to any of our emergency kits.

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Easy Checkout Service

Our checkout service is user-friendly and automatically applies free shipping for all orders over $125 placed within the contiguous United States. It won’t ask for any additional information outside of what’s required to purchase the products. The check out process is simple and provides automatic e-mailed receipts on order completion.  Once your order is shipped you will receive a tracking number from Fed Ex and/or UPS in order to track your shipment.   At this stage you can also enter any valid coupons you have for additional savings.

Discount 10% Off

For this limited time, please accept 10% off your entire order (limited to the first 25 customers). Just type in save10% during your checkout process and receive 10% off your entire order. The offer is limited to the first 25 customers, so don’t wait too long, you might miss your chance at some great savings.

Survival Articles & Knowledge

Owning an emergency kit is only part of the solution to surviving a disaster. The other half is acquiring survival knowledge. At Practical Emergency Kits, we offer all of our customers the chance to learn real-world survival techniques based on real-world scenarios. We won’t waste your time with articles on surviving the-end-of-the-world-as-we-know-it (TEOTWAWKI) situations. For example, comets or a zombie apocalypses. All of our survival articles are based in reality and are meant to provide you with practical knowledge and resources needed to keep your family safe.

Many of our articles also include a great deal of social science research in the field of disaster preparedness. We find this knowledge provides customers with an excellent background in psychology and general attitudes of disaster victims, evacuees, first-response personnel and emergency management workers. Knowing how people react to disasters allows our customers to become better prepared and survive many different types of emergency scenarios.

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Also, our in-house expert Jake Buckland brings with him over ten years of military training in communications and intelligence.  He’s also worked more than seven years in the federal public service in an emergency management capacity. He graduated with two degrees, one in Criminology and the other a Master’s degree in Disaster and Emergency Management. He’s our  resident expert with practical experience related to emergency response and disaster preparedness.

Excellent Customer Service

Please call us at 1-833-GET-A-KIT or e-mail us at sales@practicalemergencykits.com.  Our friendly staff will gladly help answer any questions you have regarding our emergency kits or survival articles.

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Jake Buckland

Honors. B.A. Criminology, M.A. Disaster and Emergency Management. 10 years Army (7 years Communication & 3 years Intelligence). 7 years Federal Government (Public Service & Emergency Management). Expert Author - Practical Emergency Kits

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