First-Aid for Hypothermia

The worst killer in the wild isn’t some exotic predator. It’s not careless hunters with their guns. It’s not even the roughest country you can find. No, the worst killer in the wild is nothing more than cold. Yes, more people die in the wild of hypothermia, than any other reason.

The Most Common Natural Disaster

When we start talking about natural disasters, most people think of the biggies: hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis. Those are the ones which give people fear, and rightly so, because they claim a lot of lives and do a huge amount of damage. But there is a much more common natural disaster; one which millions of people face, each and every year… it’s called winter.

How to Build a Deer Trap

Trapping deer may be preferable to hunting them in a survival situation, especially if hunting means using firearms. Read More.

How to Build a Biodome Greenhouse

A biodome greenhouse is a passive solar structure, with the light of the sun warming the inside, even when it is cold outside. Learn how to build one now.